TokiLinear provides seamless indirect highlights in this elegant application. Focal Line with a 3 degree beam spread and an asymmetrical lens casts linear light on these columns. Micro Light Cannon fixtures with 3000K LEDs and a 24 degree lens illuminate this entire wall. Lighting Design: Light Meister Co., Ltd. Focal SpotMini directs a 3˚beam of light precisely where needed. Gradient Towers Above The Rest Project: Concourse Project Singapore
Lighting Design: Lighting Planners Associates
GRHB with warm 2700K LEDs evenly distributes light on this wall. Design: Kengo Kuma and Associates
Lighting Design: Lightmoment Inc.
TokiLinear produces uniform light in 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and RGB to complement any interior scheme. Reveler follows form to create a striking display of indirect light. Design: Yoshihiro Kato Atelier Exhibitor with white LEDs along The River Thames. Micro Spotlight brilliantly accents items in showcases. Project: SUNLUXE Collection Macau
Photo: IMAGE28
Micro Downlights focus light on
the countertop and bottles in this cocktail lounge.
The compact profile of TokiLux is easily concealed within these shelving units. Design: Klein Dytham architecture
Lighting Design: FDS
Reveler boldly illuminates this storefront and tower. Design: nendo Photographer: Masaya Yoshimura A subtle and striking display of Advantage highlights
this concert hall ceiling.
Designed by Environment Design Institute & Lighting Planners Associates
Photo: Toshio Kaneko
Indirect TokiLum 6500K highlights the entrance to this building. Design: SPACE A striking display of Trillium animates this casino wall. A variety of Tokistar systems dramatically
illuminate the entrance to this casino.

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