Exhibitor with Virtual Incandescent LEDs creates a radiant canopy of light. Design: NAO Taniyama & Associates TokiLux WG with 2700K LEDs warmly accents this mural. GRHB with warm 2700K LEDs evenly distributes light on this wall. Design: Kengo Kuma and Associates
Lighting Design: Lightmoment Inc.
Micro Light Cannon fixtures with 3000K LEDs and a 24 degree lens illuminate this entire wall. Lighting Design: Light Meister Co., Ltd. TokiLinear provides seamless indirect highlights in this elegant application. Focal Line with a 3 degree beam spread and an asymmetrical lens casts linear light on these columns. Project: Glenbarra Art Museum
Design: Kawazoe Architects
Lighting Design: Yamagiwa
A single Light Veil fixture seamlessly grazes this entire wall.

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