Micro Spotlight brilliantly accents items in showcases.

Project: SUNLUXE Collection Macau
Photo: IMAGE28

Micro Spotlight stylishly blends into this display of fine jewelry.

Project: Watches of Switzerland, London
Lighting Design: Collision LLC
Photo: ©Greg Townsend/Light Projects

Micro Spotlight focuses light precisely where intended.

Micro Light Cannon does an exceptional job in highlighting items.

Lighting Design: Light Meister Co., Ltd.

Micro Light Cannon fixtures with 3000K LEDs and a 24 degree lens illuminates this entire wall.

Micro Tracklight is ideal for use in museums where objects are occasionally repositioned.

Micro Tracklight is easily concealed behind ledges.

Lighting Design: WORKTECHT

Micro Downlights focus light on the countertop and bottles in this cocktail lounge.

Micro Downlights deliver powerful light from a very compact profile.