This unique installation can transition from a horizontal display of 2700K to...

Photographer: Studio Bal

a vertical display of 5500K

Photographer: Studio Bal

Reveler seamlessly follows form to create a striking display of light.

Design: Yoshihiro Kato Atelier

Reveler boldly illuminates this storefront and tower.

Design: nendo Photographer: Masaya Yoshimura

The broad distribution of Reveler Illuminates this ceiling cove.

Design: Yoshimura Architects Inc.
Lighting Design: STYLE MA’TEC., Ltd

Grazing light emphasizes architectural details.

Reveler brilliantly accents the entrance to this building.

Reveler casts a seamless flow of light.

Colored panels are brightly illuminated with short lengths of Reveler.

Blue light distinctively highlights the top of this building.

Reveler 2700K provides a very warm quality of light on this tower.

Reveler provides seamless lighting on the parapet and columns.

Design: SA Group, LLC