LS Tapelight creates a festive atmosphere at this outdoor plaza.

TLP Series creates an eye-catching display on this restaurant window.

TLW Series adds motion and excitement to this casino environment.

Tokistar LEDs stylishly accent this casino interior.

Tapelight with LEDs under floor tiles creates a lighted pathway.

3000K Ultra Bright LEDs provide the perfect accent in this ceiling cove.

LS Series provides a sparkling accent to the entrance of this amusement park.

Tapelight adds an interesting accent to these cantilevered steps.

LS Series accents the perimeter with distinct points of light.

LS Series beneath a cantilevered edge creates a seamless glow of light.

Indirect lighting provides unique accents to this interior.

Tapelight casts a smooth wash of indirect light from these ceiling coves.

LS Series creates distinctive vertical lines on these window mullions.

Indirect Tapelight highlights this restaurant ceiling.

Flexible Tapelight encircles the column and outlines the perimeter of the soffits.

Tapelight provides a stylish indirect accent.

LS Series with closely spaced LEDs creates continuous indirect light.