Design: S.U Architectural Design/Baba Design Office

TokiLux 4500K provides a striking backdrop.

TokiLux WG with 2700K LEDs warmly accents this mural.
Design: NAO Taniyama & Associates

Indirect TokiLux creates a stylish display on this ceiling.

TokiLux casts warm light on the ceiling of this banquet facility.

Lighting Design: Illumination of City Environment

The compact profile of TokiLux is easily concealed within these shelving units.

Design: Klein Dytham Architecture
Lighting design: FDS
Photo: Nacasa&Partners

TokiLux KT can tune in any color between 2400 and 4500K

TokiLux compact profile is ideal for illuminating shallow ceiling coves.

TokiLux RGB seamlessly transitions from one vibrant color to the next.

TokiLux 2400K illuminates distinctive wall panels.

Photo courtesy of Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio

TokiLux high CRI rating is ideal for showcasing merchandise.

TokiLux provides a warm accent from beneath this cantilevered edge.

The system's low-operating temperature is perfectly suited for illuminating heat sensitive objects.

A subtle accent highlights this wall treatment.

TokiLux provides warm indirect lighting.

TokiLux higher output and CRI values are ideal for applications in showcase lighting.

TokiLux RGB creates brilliant colors from behind...

translucent panels. Our control systems are...

easy to program and readily changed or...

animated to enhance any interior.