Exhibitor 2018

2 TOKISTAR LIGHTING Exhibitor TM Cover: Exhibitor with LEDs along the River Thames. T okistar ® Exhibitor Series is a wet-location festoon lighting system used in amusement parks, shopping centers, street decorations and promenades. Exhibitor fixtures may also be incorporated into signs or surface mounted to accent rooflines and other architectural features. The EXC Series incorporates Exhibitor Series into a 2" x 2" aluminum profile suitable for painting and use in all environments. This series can be wired for single circuit or chasing effects. A wide selection of LEDs allow you to create a system to complement any theme, setting or ambient light level. Light sources include our new Virtual Incandescent TM and Ultra Bright LEDs. We also offer 0.48 watt LEDs in a variety of colors. Exhibitor festoon lighting spans large areas of open-air space. Contents Introduction | 2-3 Design Guidelines | 4 How to Specify Basic System / EXC Series | 5 Accessories / Sizes & Lengths | 6 Transformers / Specifications | 7 EXC Series wired for four-channel chase dramatically highlights the contours of this casino perimeter.