Gradient 2019

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Contents GRX Series | 4-7 GRHB Series | 8-11 O'Links | 12-13 I'Links | 14-15 Gradient TM GRX Series T okistar's GRX Series is a highly efficient LED luminaire for use in grazing interior and exterior walls. Water proof connectors link fixtures and bring 24VDC power to the system for plug and go simplicity. GRX may be dimmed from industry standard protocols of DMX or 0-10VDC. A single dimmer pack can control entire zones of up to 55 independent fixtures. GRX Series boldly illuminates the top of this building. O'Links are single and 3-LED fixtures designed to light columns and conform to curves. The system operates from constant-current power supplies with integral 0-10VDC dimming on board. O'Links Design: Hazama Ando Corporation Lighting Design: Waki Fixtures positioned at the sides of this wall treatment evenly illuminate features and add depth to the textures. Project:Tekko Building Design: Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc Lighting Design: sola associates Cover: Gradient Towers Above The Rest Project: Concourse Project Singapore Lighting Design: Lighting Planners Associates