Lightstrings 2018

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Lightstrings T okistar ® Lightstrings are a system of sockets wired in parallel and permanently attached to flexible, commercial-grade wire. All-weather construction ensures the integrity of installations will be maintained in all environments for years of continuous operation. Light sources include energy-efficient TokiLeds, LEDs with full-range viewing. Our "smart" Kinetic TokiLeds add animation with random cross fading, blinking and strobing effects. A wide range of kelvin temperatures and colors are available, and may be mixed and matched on the same fixture. Contents Cover: Lightstrings sparkle in this commercial setting. Introduction | 2 - 3 How to Specify / Specifications | 4 Light Sources | 5 Accessories / Sizes and Lengths | 6 LED Drivers / Dimming | 7 Lightstrings attached to tree branches and limbs provide dramatic points of light. Lightstrings are wrapped around the trunks of these palm trees. Kinetic cross-fading LEDs behind blue translucent panels create a striking display.