Light Veil 2018

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Light Veil TM Series T okistar's Light Veil is a highly efficient LED wall-grazing fixture with asymmetrical light distribution. The unique multi-faceted reflectors deliver scallop-free light evenly from the very top of a wall to the floor beneath. Fixtures are typically recessed or surface mounted on the ceiling 8-24" from the wall. Light is cast across the ceiling then makes the turn to graze the wall. It delivers a powerful amount of light similar to a downlight, yet has the soft and even appearance of a wall washer. This application demonstrates Light Veil's unique abilities. Instead of placing a fixture under each shelf, a single luminaire on the ceiling evenly illuminates every shelf, top to bottom. This reduces costs and complexity, adding to the system’s efficiency. Contents Introduction | 2-3 How to Specify & Specifications | 4 Design Guidelines & Photometrics | 5 Power Supplies | 6 Dimming | 7