Micro Series 2018

Contents Cover: Micro Spotlight brilliantly accents items in showcases. Project: SUNLUXE Collection Macau Photo: IMAGE28 Introduction | 2-3 Micro Spotlight | 4-5 Micro Tracklight | 6-7 Micro Downlight | 8 Photometrics | 9 Power Supplies | 10 Dimming | 11 2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING T okistar's Micro Series features three uniquely designed systems to shed light on items and define Micro in a whole new way. All three systems are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. The optics package includes 16˚, 24˚ and 30˚ interchangeable lenses. Micro Series fixtures are ETL Listed and CE marked. All systems operate from universal-input Class 2 power supplies and are dimmed with a PWM signal to ensure fluid and flicker-free operation at all light levels. TopView: Fixture Rotates 360˚ Standard and custom stem lengths available 16mm Ø hole for threaded socket with nut Fixture Heads tilt 135˚ 25 mm 12.5 mm Ø 135˚ Micro Spotlight stylishly blends into this display of fine jewelry. Project: Watches of Switzerland, London Lighting Design: Callison LLC Photo: ©Greg Townsend/Light Projects Micro Series ™ Micro Spotlight TM The quality of light and superior craftsmanship of Micro Spotlights make them ideal for highlighting fine jewelry and valuable artifacts in vitrines. Available in a silver or black finish, these slender fixtures discreetly blend into any setting.