Product Selection Guide 2018

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Tapelight - 11 Flexible lighting fixtures for a wide range of applications Cable Lighting - 15 Low-profile fixtures for use in confined spaces Linear Extrusions - 14 Extruded channels for complementing architectural features Tokilux - 4 & 5 Compact LED luminaires available in Basic System,Wall Grazer, Kelvin-Tuning and RGB Lightstrings - 10 Sockets attached to a flexible cord for panels, signs and treelighting Tokilum - 12 Exterior indirect lighting in a compact package Trillium - 13 RGB lighting system for use in all environments Reveler - 7 Indirect LED lighting for accenting exterior surfaces GRX Series - 3 High-Output luminaire for Interior and ExteriorWall Grazing Exhibitor - 6 Festoon lighting with clear, frosted and colored globes Advantage - 8 Cove lighting offering both LED modules and xenon lamps Micro Series - 9 Miniature LED systems for showcase, display and shelf lighting T okistar Lighting Systems were first introduced to the market in 1975. A focus on providing energy-efficient LED systems, and a commitment to innovation has led to the creation of products perfectly suited for a variety of applications. Tokistar installations span the globe in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement parks, luxury residences, casinos and many other locations. The Art of Lighting Innovation