Tapelight 2018

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Contents Tapelight Systems | 2-3 Light Sources | 4-5 TLP Series | 6-7 LS Series | 8-9 TLW Series | 10-11 Accessories | 12-13 LED Drivers / Dimmers | 14 Transformers | 15 F or over 40 years,Tapelight products by Tokistar ® have provided accent lighting effects in hotels, casinos, residences and many other applications. These versatile products feature low-profile flexible cables, enabling our Tapelight to fit in small niches and conform to any shape. Full dimming of LEDs and incandescent lamps gives you complete lighting control. Several LED Choices for greatest efficiency. Polycarbonate Sockets are soldered and bonded to cables. Flexible Conductor easily conforms to any shape. Tapelight Systems Cover: Outdoor Tapelight with Ultra-Bright LEDs accents this outdoor shopping center. Lighting Design: muse-D LS Series seamless glow of indirect light is a perfect complement to this spectacular setting. Lighting Design: Lighting Planners Associates Project: Gardens by the Bay Photo:Toshio Kaneko Lighting Design: Lighting Planners Associates Photographer:Toshio Kaneko