Trillium 2018

2 | TOKISTAR LIGHTING Trillium ™ This application is one example of howTrillium color can be controlled. Each "block" of color is assigned to a different channel of a DMX control system. T okistar's Trillium uses Tri-Color LEDs to produce vibrant color from a single RGB light source. Trillium creates perfectly blended color whether the LED is viewed directly, casting light on a reflective surface, or used to backlight translucent material. Trillium LED modules are tightly sealed in an all-environment package and approved for use in wet-location settings. Our control systems are easy to program and operate, adding to the system's overall economy and appeal. Cover: Trillium adds colorful accents to the registration desk at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Contents Introduction | 2 - 3 How to Specify | 4 Specifications / Mounting | 5 System Layout / LED Drivers | 6 Controllers / Dimmer Packs | 7