LED Modules

Advantage LED modules consume only 0.72 Watts each, making them an extremely efficient light source. With color temperatures of 2000K, 2400K, 3000K and our new KC LED Modules, they do an outstanding job of emulating true incandescent light.

KC LED Modules

One of the great hallmarks of Tokistar LED systems is our ability to deliver an exceptional warm-white color. Now we’ve improved on this ability by offering LED modules with full-spectrum dimming. These LEDs change color temperature as they are dimmed. They begin at 2700K and go all the way to a candlelight color of 2000K.

Advantage KC Modules are smart LEDs with an internal circuit to precisely emulate the color-changing characteristics of incandescent lamps. Our latest patented technology does this from a single circuit fixture and requires no special controls other than a dimmer.

Our KC LED modules are dimmable with dimming protocols such as DMX, PWM, 0/1-10VDC and many popular phase-control dimming systems.

0.72 Watt KC LED 2000K-2700K

Part #: AVLED-KC

Volts: 24 VAC or 24VDC
Color: 2000K-2700K
Output: 25 Lumens
CRI value: 90 at Max. Lm
Life: 40,000 – 50,000 Hours

Advantage™ LED Modules

Each LED module has on-board circuitry enabling it to operate from 24VAC magnetic transformers. To optimize operating life, each module is packaged in a porcelain base to absorb and dissipate heat. This means Advantage LEDs can be specified in heat-sensitive applications. Since these solid-state devices have no filaments, vibration will not cause them to fail. With such low power consumption, maximum run lengths become a great deal longer. Fewer transformers and secondary circuits significantly reduce installation costs.