Exhibitor systems feature a variety of design options, allowing you to create a system ideal for complementing modern settings, or to enhance old-world charm and everything in between.

Design Guidelines

Socket Spacing

Consider line of sight and viewing perspective when deciding on socket spacing. More distant spacings (18″-24″) are the best choice for most festoon applications. Closer spacings (6″-12″) are appropriate for applications at closer viewing range. Any custom spacing is available on request.

Light Sources

0.48 Watt LEDs

With incredible life ratings, all Tokistar LEDs are ideally suited for continuous operation in commercial applications. LEDs rated at 0.48 watts provide a softer lighting effect and are the most energy-efficient choice. These LEDs consume so little energy they can span much greater distances from a single feed point.

Virtual Incandescent and Ultra Bright LEDs

Virtual IncandescentTM LEDs do a remarkable job of emulating traditional incandescent filaments. Ultra Bright LEDs do the same, while providing a brighter light source. Both LEDs are rated at 1.8 watts.

Incandescent Lamps

Tokistar’s Exhibitor Series was originally introduced with incandescent xenon lamps, and we still offer them as an option. Due to the efficiency and exceptional life of LED sources, xenon lamps are no longer the most popular choice.

Globe Selection

Three different shapes are available: G-19, G-14 and S-14. Clear globes have excellent clarity and will emphasize distinct points of light. Frosted globes diffuse light and have a softer appearance. Each globe includes two O-rings for a secure and weatherproof seal to the socket. G-19 transparent colored globes create vibrant color. Virtual Incandescent LEDs are not recommended for use with frosted globes, and our xenon lamp is not for use with G-14 globes.

Shade Selection

For a distinctive look, these lightweight aluminum spinnings may be added to festoon applications or used with Exhibitor Pendants. Standard finish is black and custom finishes are available on request.