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Tokistar’s Gradient is a highly efficient LED luminaire for use in wall gazing and other interior lighting applications. The system incorporates high-output LEDs within an extruded aluminum housing. Heat sinking inside the fixture ensures all exposed surfaces remain cool to the touch.

Gradient’s optics package includes four lens styles to control, shape and direct light for the greatest impact.

Tokistar offers all components necessary to dim Gradient from industry-standard DMX or 0/1-10V dimming systems. Wiring is in parallel so fixtures can be ordered with any number of LEDs from one to thirty-two.

How To Specify

Specify Gradient by selecting Spacing, Color and Lens Style. Fixtures may have any increment of LED Modules from 1 to 32 in 3″ spacing, or from 1 to 24 LED Modules in 4″ spacing.

Mounting Brackets

Pivoting Mounting Bracket

For fixtures with up to four LED modules, a single pivoting bracket is all that’s required. Fixtures exceeding four LED modules require two brackets.

Fixed Mounting Bracket

For fixtures with fixed brackets, a minimum of two brackets is required. Fixtures exceeding five feet require three brackets.