GRX Dimmer Box

Part #: GRX-DP

GRX Series can be dimmed with industry-standard DMX or 0/1-10 VDC protocols. A Dimmer Box can control entire zones of up to 55 independent fixtures. GRX Dimmer Boxes are ETL Listed and suitable for wet locations. Dimensions: 12.25″ x 12″ x 4.5″

Dimming Diagram

The maximum number of fixtures connected to a dimmer box is 55 pieces. This limitation applies to the combination of all fixture lengths of 12″, 24″ and 48″.

Dimming GRHB/O’Links/I’Links

Dimming Control

Up to 30 LDRCC-40 LED Drivers can be connected in series from a single 0-10 VDC source. The maximum distance from the 0-10 VDC source to the last LED driver is 250 feet/75 meters based upon the use of #18 AWG
shielded cable.

For applications operating from DMX, Dali or other protocols, check with the dimmer manufacturer to provide a suitable interface to generate a 0-10 VDC signal.

LED Driver Enclosures

Part#’s: LDRCC-ENC-40, LDRCC-ENC-80


Tokistar offers a UL Listed enclosure including 1-4 LED drivers inside. The enclosure is rated NEMA 3R and suitable for wet locations. Terminal blocks provide reliable and convenient connection points.

The enclosure may be installed at remote locations up to 300 feet/90 meters from the fixture with the use of #18AWG secondary wire.

Dimensions: 12.25″ x 12″ x 4.5″