Design Guidelines


TokiLeds are durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Their unique phosphor-coated lens reflects light in all directions, resulting in full-range viewing. White TokiLeds do an outstanding job of emulating true incandescent light. Our selection includes a variety of color temperatures and brightness levels.

Kinetic TokiLeds®

Kinetic TokiLeds include a microchip to create self-actuated flashing or cross-fading effects. Each LED operates independently for a totally random appearance. Kinetic TokiLeds do not require a controller, adding to the system’s cost efficiency and reliability. They may also be mixed with static LEDs on the same fixture.

Select Light Source

Tree Lighting

Tokistar Lightstrings are a versatile LED lighting system that is ideal for treelighting applications. Lightstrings feature all-weather construction and are used in both interior and exterior installations.

Distance between LEDs is a key consideration in product selection. If Lightstrings are being attached to the trunks or limbs of a tree, closer spacings might be the best selection in order to effectively outline the shape of the tree. If Lightstrings are being used to create pinpoints of light in the canopy of the tree, more distant spacing is the best choice.

As each tree has a unique character of its own, there is no precise formula for how many lights a tree might require. It is best to visualize the effect by imagining how many lights are needed for a certain area of the tree, and multiplying this by the estimated number of areas in the tree.

Sign & Displays

Channel letters, signs and display panels are easily and effectively illuminated using Lightstrings.

Socket spacing is greater than hole spacing to provide a small slack of wire between each socket.

Multiple Lightstrings can be arranged to create animated lighting effects.

Sizes & Lengths

To minimize voltage drop and keep conductors safely within their rating, do not exceed the maximum lengths shown for each independent fixture. The low power consumption of Tokistar’s energy-efficient LEDs permits longer fixture lengths.