EXC Series

EXC Series incorporates our Exhibitor Series into a 2″ x 2″ satin aluminum profile for use in all environments. Custom finishes are available upon request. Fixtures can be wired for single circuit, or chasing effects. Exhibitor light sources are solid-state LEDs available in a variety of colors. Light sources are enclosed within shatterproof polycarbonate globes. The globes are injection blow-molded for a seamless appearance. Clear globes provide excellent clarity for all light sources, while frosted globes evenly disperse light.

Light Sources

Virtual IncandescentTM LEDs do a remarkable job of emulating traditional incandescent filaments. Ultra Bright LEDs do the same, while providing a brighter light source. Both LEDs are rated at 1.8 watts.
With incredible life ratings, all Tokistar LEDs are ideally suited for continuous operation in commercial applications. LEDs rated at 0.48 watts provide a softer lighting effect and are the most energy-efficient choice. These LEDs consume so little energy they can span much greater distances from a single feed point.
Tokistar’s Exhibitor Series was originally introduced with incandescent xenon lamps, and we still offer them as an option. Due to the efficiency and exceptional life of LED sources, xenon lamps are no longer the most popular choice.

How To Specify


End Caps are required at the end and beginning of each run of fixture.
When fixtures are positioned end-to-end, a Splice is required to seam them together.