TDR Series

TDR Series is a semi-rigid PVC extrusion for use in interior applications demanding a refined look. The reflective finish and faceted profile creates multiple sparkling images. It is rigid to maintain linear integrity, yet flexible enough to conform to a 24″ radius with LEDs facing inward or outward. Fixtures can be wired for single circuit, or four-channel chasing effects.

Light Sources

How To Specify


 Optional end caps offer a finishing touch.

Part# EC-PG or EC-BK

Lighting Controllers

DMX Control For Chasing TDR Series

Multiple and addressable LC-1CH-MULTI Dimmer Packs can be used with our 8 VDC LED drivers to control Linear fixtures from DMX controllers.

Part #: LC-1CH-MULTI
Technical Specifications:
Max. Load: 40 Watts @ 8 VDC
Environmental Rating: Dry Location/IP20
Dimensions: 3/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 3-1/2″
Weight: 50g / 0.11 lbs
Listing: ETL Listed/CE Certified
Operating Temperature: 0~+50ºC
In DMX mode, dimmer packs are addressable and may be used with any controller working on DMX protocol. Up to 36 dimmer packs may be connected in series. For applications exceeding 36 dimmer packs, an additional feed from the DMX dimmer is required. The additional feed(s) can be sent directly from the dimmer, or you may specify DMX Splitters. Consult factory on details of DMX Splitters.

TDR Chase Series

Lighting Controller / TC-400BB

TDR Series is a 4 channel system. It may be operated from our TC-400BB controller. Each controller features a variety of patterns
and speed control. These units can operate independently of each other, or they may be linked together to sequence all lights in unison.
The TC-400BB accepts a 12 VAC input.

Dimensions: 1-1/2″ x 4-3/4″ x 6-1/8″

TokiLeds 0.15 Watt/12 VAC LEDs: 400 pieces – Total 60 Watts
TokiLeds 0.30 Watt/12 VAC LEDs : 200 pieces – Total 60 Watts