Tokistar’s Micro Series features four uniquely designed systems to shed light on items and define Micro in a whole new way. All systems are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. The optics package includes 16 ̊, 24 ̊ and 30 ̊ interchangeable lenses.

Micro Series fixtures are ETL Listed and CE marked. All systems operate from universal-input Class 2 power supplies and are dimmed with a PWM signal to ensure fluid and flicker-free operation at all light levels.

A refined look, and a 90 CRI rating make Micro Light Cannon ideal for illuminating fine jewelry and artifacts in casework and museums. LED modules may be positioned at any location on the track, and fixture heads can rotate and tilt to focus light precisely where needed.
The quality of light and superior craftsmanship of Micro Spotlights make them ideal for highlighting fine jewelry and valuable artifacts in vitrines. Available in a silver or black finish, these slender fixtures discreetly blend into any setting.
Micro Tracklight is a unique miniaturized tracklight system. LED modules with pivoting eyeballs can be positioned at any location on the track. Modules are available in a black or silver finish and include a snoot to reduce glare.
Micro Downlights deliver powerful light from a very compact profile. They measure 1″ tall and are installed in a 1-3/8″ Ø hole. Downlights are available in a black, white or silver finish and include a snoot to reduce glare.