Micro Light Cannon does an exceptional job in highlighting items.

How To Specify

Micro Light Cannon is the most recent addition to Tokistar’s Micro Series. A refined look and 90 CRI rating makes it ideal for illuminating fine jewelry and artifacts in casework and museums.

LED modules may be positioned at any location on the track, and fixture heads can rotate and tilt to focus light precisely where needed. LED colors include 2700, 3000, 4000 and 5000K. Each 2.6 watt module may be fitted with optics of 16, 24 or 30 degree interchangeable lenses.

Magnetic Wand Dimming

Micro Light Cannon is fully dimmable. It may be fluidly dimmed from our standard line of PWM dimming gear, and also has the unique ability to independently address each LED module on a fixture with the tap of our Magnetic Wand to the side of each module.

There are six dim levels including dim-to-off. The last level selected is stored in memory when the fixture is turned off/on. No external dimmer is required to tap into this feature. The Magnetic Wand can also be used in conjunction with our PWM dimming gear.