Micro Light Cannon fixtures with 3000K LEDs illuminates this entire wall.
Lighting Design: Light Meister Co., Ltd.

Design Guidelines - Micro Light Cannon

Micro Light Cannon track is manufactured to length in 8″ increments ranging from 8″ to 96″. Each fixture is provided with a 78 in. wire lead, end caps and mounting clips. LED modules consume 2.6 watts and can conveniently be repositioned at any location on the track, by pressing the buttons on both sides of the module, removing it and placing it elsewhere. Fixture heads can rotate and tilt to focus light precisely where needed.

The system operates at 24 VDC from our selection of LED drivers. It is fully dimmable, and may be fluidly dimmed from our standard line of PWM dimming gear. It also has the unique ability to independently address each LED module on a fixture with the tap of our Magnetic Wand to the side of each module.

Design Guidelines - Micro Spotlight

Design Guidelines - Micro Tracklight

Design Guidelines - Micro Downlight

Installation Details

Mounting Details