Design Guidelines

Step 1: Select Series

Step 2: Select Light Source


TokiLeds are durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Their unique phosphor-coated lens reflects light in all directions, resulting in full-range viewing. White TokiLeds do an outstanding job of emulating true incandescent light. Our selection includes a variety of color temperatures and brightness levels. TokiLeds are also available in a wide range of vibrant colors.

Kinetic TokiLeds®

Kinetic TokiLeds include a microchip to create self-actuated flashing, cross-fading or strobing effects. Each LED operates independently for a totally random appearance. These LEDs do not require a  controller, adding to the system’s cost efficiency and reliability. Kinetic Tokileds may also be mixed with other Tokileds on the same fixture to create a background of static light.


P4 Series LEDs do a remarkable job of indirect lighting by focusing a more concentrated amount of light on the reflective surface. For interior applications of indirect lighting, our P4 LEDs are both energy efficient and cost effective.

Step 2: Select Socket Spacing

After selecting the most suitable light source for the application, the next step is to select the appropriate socket spacing. For indirect applications, closer spacing provides the most uniform wash of light. Intermediate and more distant socket spacing is the best choice for accenting objects with distinct points of light.