TLP Series Tapelight

TLP Series has set an industry standard for interior accent lighting since its introduction. Lamp sockets are soldered and bonded to highly flexible PVC cables for long-term reliability, and fixtures can be trimmed on site for a precise fit. As an indirect light source from concealed areas, it produces stylish and subtle accents on reflective surfaces.

How To Specify

After selecting the most suitable light source for the application, refer to one of these charts to choose TokiLeds, P4 LEDs, or Incandescent Lamps. The next step is to select the appropriate socket spacing. For indirect applications, closer spacing provides the most uniform wash of light. Intermediate and more distant socket spacing is the best choice for accenting objects with distinct points of light.


Maximum Fixture Lengths

To minimize voltage drop and keep conductors safely within their rating, do not exceed the maximum lengths shown for each independent length of Tapelight. Note: In accordance with Class 2 requirements, incandescent fixtures must not exceed 96 Watts.