TLW Series

Nothing adds interest to an environment like an eye-catching display of colorful and animated lighting.

TLW Series provides four-channel chasing effects with LEDs or BB-301 Bi-Bulb® incandescent lamps. With the introduction of TokiLeds, lighting designers now have even more choices in creating such stunning effects.

Tokistar’s TLW Series uses three wires instead of five to achieve a perfectly linear placement of light sources.

How To Specify

Sizes & Maximum Lengths

To minimize voltage drop and keep conductors safely within their rating, do not exceed the maximum lengths shown for each independent length of Tapelight. Note: In accordance with Class 2 requirements, incandescent fixtures must not exceed 96 Watts.

TC-400BB Lighting Controller

TLW Series Tapelight requires the use of our TC-400BB Bi-Bulb® Controller. Each controller features a variety of patterns and speed control. These units can operate independently of each other, or they may be linked together to sequence all lights in unison. The TC-400BB may accept a 24 VAC input for controlling our BB-301
incandescent lamps, or a 12 VAC input for controlling TokiLeds.
Dimensions: 1-1/2″ x 4-3/4″ x 6-1/8″

Capacity for Class 2 Operation:
BB-301 0.8 Watt/24 VAC Lamps: 120 pieces – Total 96 Watts
TokiLeds 0.15 Watt/12 VAC LEDs: 400 pieces – Total 60 Watts
TokiLeds 0.30 Watt/12 VAC LEDs : 200 pieces – Total 60 Watts