Design Guidelines

TokiLux may be specified in a variety of configurations for use in indirect lighting applications. All versions include a track fitted with Light Bars. Each Light Bar measures 8″ (200mm). A single fixture can include from 1-12 Light Bars.

In the cases of TokiLux Basic,WG & KT, each Light Bar consumes 4 watts and up to 24 Light Bars (96 watts) may be connected together. In the case of TokiLux RGB, each Color Bar consumes 2.4 watts and up to 40 Color Bars (96 watts) may be connected together.

Fixture Lengths

Fixtures cannot be trimmed on site, so the overall length is based upon the number of Light Bars included.
Check the sizes and lengths chart for precise measurements.

Conforming to Curves

TokiLux fixtures will not curve, but flex connectors can interconnect smaller sections to conform to curves as shown. In this case each length of TokiLux requires a minimum of two mounting brackets.

Optional channels may be specified with fixed or adjustable mounting brackets to target and precisely focus light where needed.
Fixtures are provided with brackets installed.