Basic System

Trillium’s flexibility and compact profile are ideal for outlining complex shapes in tight spaces. Color is easily changed or animated to complement any environment or theme. Trillium operates efficiently at 8 VDC. This lower voltage produces very little heat and adds to the system’s reliability. Trillium is cool to the touch and can be specified for applications where it may be subject to direct contact.

Trillium’s most flexible form is available in LED module spacings of 2”, 4”, 6” and 12” on center.

How To Specify

Mounting Options

Part #: TRI-MT

LED modules snap into a semi-rigid track. The track is fastened with screws, hi-bond adhesive tape or construction adhesive.

Part #: TRI-PF

Trillium is easily incorporated into display panels and signs with our panel fasteners. The LED module is inserted from behind, concealing all wiring.

Part #: TRI-MC

For maximum flexibility, Trillium can be attached with clamps. Each clamp is fastened with a screw concealed behind the fixture.