Exhibitor with White LEDs along The River Thames.

Exhibitor fills this open-air space with a spectacular canopy of light.

Design: JK Design Group

Exhibitor creates a radiant canopy of light over this walkway.

A random array of Exhibitor globes accents this ceiling.

Cabana Restaurant, Wembley
Architect: Michaelis Boyd Associates
Lighting Design: Kate Wilkins Lighting Designers

Exhibitor festoon lighting spans large areas of open-air space.

Exhibitor with our Virtual Incandescent LEDs draws attention to the carousel.

Lighting Design: Illumination of City Environment (ICE)

Exhibitor provides an attractive accent to this ceiling.

Architectural features are highlighted with surface-mounted Exhibitor.

Exhibitor accents the ribs of this architectural form.

Exhibitor attached to catenary cable creates a sparkling display between these masts.

Exhibitor frosted globes provide soft illumination.

Exhibitor adds a canopy of lights and interest to this open ceiling.

Credit: Dollywood Theme Park - Photo Courtesy of Bandit Lites

Exhibitor with frosted globes provides soft illumination over this walkway.

Festooning lights used in a carnival setting.