Incandescent Lamps

Exhibitor xenon lamps should be operated using Tokistar’s 24 VAC magnetic transformers featured in our catalog. These transformers are fully dimmable using dimmers suitable for use with magnetic low-voltage transformers.

LED Modules

Exhibitor LED modules are for use from our 24 VAC dimmable magnetic transformers. Electronic transformers may not be used. 
The primary input to the transformer may be dimmed from industry standard phase-control dimmers, also referred to as triac dimmers. While most show very favorable results, there may be compatibility issues with certain makes and models. The following guidelines should be taken into account in selecting the proper dimming device:

  1. Make sure the dimmer used is suitable for use with magnetic low-voltage transformers, not electronic low-votage transformers. 

  2. Some dimmers have a minimum-load requirement. Since LEDs consume so little power, this should be given serious consideration in the selection of the dimmer. 

  3. Some dimmers not only require a minimum load, but may not function properly at certain levels/loads because they do not interpret an LED load as they do a standard incandescent load. In such cases, some dimming companies offer a “synthetic load” device to resolve this issue. Check with the dimmer manufacturer in such cases. 

  4. Tokistar Lighting has evaluated a wide range of dimmers, but cannot promise perfect dimming results with every make and model on the market. Additionally, manufacturers of dimmers occasionally make changes to their specifications without notice. Some older generations of a certain model might actually work more fluidly than a newer generation. 

  5. If there is any question on compatibility, consult with us on a case-by-case basis. We work closely with many dimming companies, and can provide samples of our fixtures for compatibility testing if necessary.