Channel Options

Reveler silver anodized channels ensure the linear integrity of an installation. An integral louvre is available as a “glare guard” to keep LEDs from line of sight. Maximum channel length is 94.5 inches.

How To Specify

Specify Reveler by selecting spacing, color and lens style.

  • Spacing – Reveler at 4 inch spacing is suitable for the majority of applications. Custom spacings are available upon request.
  • Color – Select the best color to complement the environment. Choices include 2700K, 3000K, 5500K and our signature true blue color.
  • Lens Selection – For grazing light vertically, our 25° x 80° linear spread lens does a remarkable job of focusing light precisely where needed. The 120° lens is ideal when a broader distribution of light is required.

Mounting Brackets

Fixed Bracket: Part# RV-FB 
Adjustable Bracket: Part# RV-AB

End Caps