Design Guidelines

TokiLum’s high-output, 0.48-Watt LEDs are permanently sealed to a flexible cable for easy installation, and the compact profile makes the system a great choice for use in shallow ceiling coves and other confined spaces.

TokiLum’s high-output LEDs are offered in color temperature choices of 3000K, cool white 6500K or our signature True Blue color, and the system’s profile measures only 3/8″ high by 3/4″ wide.

Mounting Options

Mounting Track

Part #: TRI-MT

LED modules snap into a semi-rigid track. The track is fastened with screws, hi-bond adhesive tape or construction adhesive.

Panel Fasteners

Part #: TRI-PF

TokiLum is easily incorporated into display panels and signs with our panel fasteners. The LED module is inserted from behind, concealing all wiring.

Mounting Clamps

Part #: TRI-MC

For maximum flexibility, TokiLum can be attached with clamps. Each clamp is fastened with a screw concealed behind the fixture.

Circuit Design

TokiLum fixtures have two independent Class 2 circuits. Each circuit is fed by one of the two outputs from the LED Driver.

Maximum Fixture Length

To minimize voltage drop and keep conductors safely within their ratings, do not exceed the maximum lengths shown for each independent fixture.

Secondary Lead Wires

The LED Driver may be located at a remote location. Distance from the fixture to the Driver, and the spacing of the LED modules on the fixture, determine the proper size of the secondary wire. This chart indicates recommended wire size based on these two variables.